when i was a boy i used to play with my toys

pretended to soar in the sky


when i was a boy i played with my toys

you shoulda heard the terror of my war cry


i was the king of my castle, the king of my land

the king all eternity


i was the man of the hour the man of day

the man o’ the century


Then a man came along and he told me,

he told me that nothing was free

Told me to work, told me to pay

playtime was over, follow away


The day dragged on, the feeling of fun

the bird don’t belong, lost his birdsong

In a cage of his sorrow sat king kong

reward in the eyes of stardom


I sat there in sorrow

a bird I once followed

Where did my life go wrong?


The clouds rolling by

staring at life outside

Longing for the freedom to fly


a sudden urge, a burning surge

something awoke in me

the question loomed there

this isn’t fair, how can I be free


a life stolen by man, the one in charge

i had to regain my own world

i grabbed the tie

the one that bound tight

the moment drew near

in bounding fear

in a surge of desire

and set the whole damn thing

on fire


once again i was free

make and mold my own destiny

the man of the hour, the man of day

the man of the century

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