My sweet pumpkin pie

The beauty, the sunlight

caressing your smile

My sweet little pumpkin

my girl my sweet pie


My young little darling

stand still in time

Enjoy every moment

innocent as a child


Ignore those opinions

the shackles that bind

Pretend among the minions

control your own mind


Forget what the world thinks

and do not refrain

Break these old chains

state bold your own claim


Seek, search, explore

curiou cat knocks the door

A tool she will find

to give and help more


Don’t feel bad

for time heals all

While you wait

prepare to stand and to fall


Stand up for the needy

the helpless, the poor

Sow seed of hope

health prosper endure


Don’t worry my love

be brave and be bold

Change and be new

or life will get old


My young little darling

my sweet pumpkin pie

Live life and love

float on the melody going by


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