What is down must come up

IMG_2605Left down and torn apart

Life tore right through your heart

In desperate times of need
Life weighs you down

Feel as if you’ll drown

No longer able to see
Your atlas has shrugged

You long for a hug

Desperate times of need
You feel as though

Feelings just show

For everyone to see
Your will, a bounced check

Stranded in a wreck

A hand is all you need
You dwell in the past

no longer pass by fast

Look back and misery you see
It’s gripping at your throat

The tightening of the rope

Longing for help and need
But let me tell you brother

Let me show you sister

Hang in there and just wait
Times will change

The tides will bring

And winter turns to spring
Every moment a treasure

Recorded in heaven

Every lovely little fling
So heaven can wait

Don’t fall for the bait

Instead let your heart sing
Hang in there and you will see

The times, they are changin

The times, they are changing

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