AA sober?

Near Beer is considered a relapse for an alcoholic

Kratom the same for the opioid addict

Adderall for the meth addict

Nic vape for the smoker

Hemp for the pothead

If you want to achieve complete recovery you have to simply decide, if not here right now with me today but at some point, to COMPLETELY abstain.

The mildest stimulation to the addicted part of your brain will trigger that desire all over again.

It’s a very slippery slope.

I am in recovery from a Cannabis addiction. I am also a doctor who works in the field. One of the medications I prescribe is Suboxone which is basically replacing the heroin with another opioid.

Yes, it gives heroin addicts their lives back. Yes they wake up without cravings. Yes they have no withdrawal. They get a job, their house and their family back.

But, it’s a double edged sword.

It doesn’t completely heal what was missing in the first place. What led to the addiction? The void they tried to fill with drug use. The past trauma they tried to mask. The heartache they tried to put a band aid on.

For complete recovery, AA recovery, one needs to heal the mind.

Suboxone takes care of the physiological addiction, overnight, but that’s merely 10% of full recovery. The psychological recovery takes time and effort and daily practice.

It took daily practice to become an addict, the same holds true for recovery, work, every day.

Recovery is one part of finding your new life but you have to keep setting new goals. See what else you can improve. Can you achieve that fitness level you’ve always wanted? Can you make as much money as possible? Can you rekindle your relationships? Can you be the mother or father, the brother or sister, the son or daughter you were meant to be? Have you found The Meaning of YOUR Life?

Don’t entertain the idea.

Which idea?

This one: “what if I just take one sip, one drag, one pill…”


If you are an alcoholic, DO NOT even consider a Near Beer. Kratom is the first step in the race towards shooting heroin. Hemp will get you high. It did for me.

Hemp made me crave wax and dabs all over again. I got the slightest mildest high and wanted more. I live in a state where Cannabis is still illegal yet they sell 0.3% THC Hemp. A few years ago my addicted brain thought it would be a good idea to try this stuff. My addicted brain was woken up. It came with full force and fury. It wanted to give it all up and move out west. It wanted more. It craved more.

I was lucky to have the sense to get rid of even the slightest risk of relapse and I hope you do too.

I had to start at step one of beating my addiction.

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Your friendly neighborhood Addiction Doc

Dr Z.


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