Online AA and NA meetings

Historically good things emerge from bad events…

War led to the development of the internet.

The 19th Amendment was signed giving women the right to vote because most of the men were off fighting in World War I.

Dwayne Johnson didn’t make it into the NFL and eventually became “The Rock” and starred in many great films.

…The Corona Virus pandemic led to AA and NA meetings going online.

Hopefully more people may attend meetings or be willing to engage in these which have historically helped countless people stay sober.

Click here for Narcotics Anonymous Meetings

Alcoholics Anonymous didn’t make it this easy, so do this:

  1. Google your “City” and “AA”
  2. Find the Home Page to your City’s AA Meetings
  3. Look for Online Meetings or Zoom meetings link

See example below:

In my opinion it is still better to go to a meeting in person if you can or during times like this to meet with your sponsor or talk with them as often as you can.

Most addicts relapse because of this one reason: They stopped working on their recovery

It takes daily work to become an alcoholic, daily drinking, the same is true for recovery, daily working on abstinence.

Full List of Online Meetings

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