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Some addicts are incredibly hard workers. To hustle enough money to pay for an opioid addiction that cost upwards of $80 to $150 per day takes incredible effort. Now imagine taking away the addiction and applying that same drive to building a business or working for someone. Incredible results to follow.

Many of my patients in recovery struggle to find a job. The reasons are endless.

  • Covered in Tattoos
    • History of a Felony
      • What do you mean you’re in recovery?
        • Poor work history

Maybe, just maybe there is a better option.

Do you have any skills? Do you know some plumbing, masonry, electrical or even construction? Can you clean, walk someone’s dog, mow a lawn or provide any basic service?

These skills are worthless if you can’t trade them for money right? So how do you market yourself? Very easy…

Step 1: Create your Business on Google, it’s called “Google My Business”. This is used to register your business so that people can look you up on google and google maps. For example, say you can do some plumbing. Name your company, say “Friendly Plumber”, register the name, address and phone no with Google my Business. They will mail you a card with a code to confirm the address. Go back into your profile, complete the registration and done. Now someone in your area looking for a plumber can find you. They can call you and set up an appointment.

Step 2: You may need a website. Have no computer skills? No problem. I had no skills and was able to build this website on The most basic website, which I would recommend to start off with will cost you $4 per month. To register your domain (which is the name of your website) is a low yearly fee of around $15. Again, choose something that people will be drawn to. Something like

Step 3: Increase your sales by using Google AddWords. This is the real magic of google. You can choose to pay a small fee to advertise your business based on keyword searches. Say someone searches for your zipcode or town and plumber. You can put these as your keywords and your add will show up above any other business in town (unless of course they are also doing this). Again, this service cost money but remember, if it brings you more income it may be a good trade off.

Step 4: Provide the BEST, MOST RELIABLE, FRIENDLY, CONVENIENT service you possibly can. Word of mouth is one of the most powerful forms of marketing. Provide enough value to people and they will return your service with a multiple reward. The customer is always right (at least make them believe they are).

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Good luck and stay strong.

Published by Dr Z

I'm a Doctor and trying to help others heal from the disease that I too struggle with, Addiction.

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