Alcohol Recovery vs Opioid Recovery, a Measures of Self Esteem

A recent article in the Journal of Addiction Medicine highlighted that people in recovery from Opioids have lower self esteem scores than those in Alcohol recovery. What? Why? My first instinct was to explain that most people in recovery from opioids have simply received a Buprenorphine product to replace their need for opioids. Alcoholics onContinue reading “Alcohol Recovery vs Opioid Recovery, a Measures of Self Esteem”

Start Your Business

Many addicts in recovery struggle to find a job but earning an income from one’s own business may not be very hard.

Treatment for Alcoholism

Please see your doctor for any medical treatment, this page is simply for your information. First off, click hereĀ if you are wondering if your alcohol use is a problem. If you do, see below…

Treatment for Opioid Addiction

Disclaimer: this is very basic information, please see your doctor before starting any of these medicines and see the links below for further information.

AA sober?

Near Beer is considered a relapse for an alcoholic Kratom the same for the opioid addict Adderall for the meth addict Nic vape for the smoker Hemp for the pothead

Is your Loved One an Addict?

Advice from an Addiction Doctor if your child is an addict.

Should drugs be legal?

If addiction is a disease, why do we imprison for drug use or possession?

The Meaning of Life

the purpose of life is ensuring that life continues, the meaning of your life is helping others continue a happy life

Why I quit Cannabis?

It almost ruined my life. Wait, before you think, oh it’s just Cannabis, it’s not that harmful, it’s not that addictive, read this. I treat addiction for a living and what I have learned is that addiction is universal, no matter the substance. Cannabis almost ruined my life, derailed my dreams and destroyed my family.Continue reading “Why I quit Cannabis?”

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