Alcoholism, how it affects the Brain, why Doctors struggle and the 2 Treatments that seem to Work

Meds and Friends seem to be the only hope for recovering from Alcoholism. What does alcohol do in the brain.

Boredom, a trigger for drug and alcohol use

Boredom can be a trigger for drug or alcohol use, is boredom a good thing? How to achieve flow, the exact opposite and gain a natural high.

Brain changes in addiction

Brain changes in addiction, are they reversible, how to test your brain

How addiction works in the brain

A look at the Neurochemistry of addiction

How to deal with pain, depression, anger and other negative feelings

Grounding is a way to distract the mind when feeling a negative emotion or the urge to use a drug or alcohol


A gasp of air, may be the last. Held under, loose oxygen fast. Down under up over, this way and that. Consciousness slips, now turning black. Save a breath. To the very last. Confusion crash. Roll like a dice. A virtuous vice. A gamble for life. Last breath of air a floating device. Proximity to death keeps the anxiety alive, fuels an addictive drive.

When boredom strikes

The best things in life are free Depends where you’re searching Take what you already have And find new meaning Find the beauty in something old Try something new and be bold For time keeps marching on And we’re just getting old Learn from the old Don’t fit the mold One day we’ll be noContinue reading “When boredom strikes”

My Friend

Keep it together my friend Keep on fleeing and then Always trying again fight till the end Keep it together my friend You will see it depends On the times you fend Off temptation and mend Keep it together my friend And you will see in the end It was worth it my friend To keepContinue reading “My Friend”

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