Alcohol Recovery vs Opioid Recovery, a Measures of Self Esteem

A recent article in the Journal of Addiction Medicine highlighted that people in recovery from Opioids have lower self esteem scores than those in Alcohol recovery. What? Why? My first instinct was to explain that most people in recovery from opioids have simply received a Buprenorphine product to replace their need for opioids. Alcoholics onContinue reading “Alcohol Recovery vs Opioid Recovery, a Measures of Self Esteem”

Treatment for Opioid Addiction

Disclaimer: this is very basic information, please see your doctor before starting any of these medicines and see the links below for further information.

AA sober?

Near Beer is considered a relapse for an alcoholic Kratom the same for the opioid addict Adderall for the meth addict Nic vape for the smoker Hemp for the pothead

Addicts, Heroes Among Us

What is a hero? Saving a life or many, saving your own life? Addicts struggle with trying to save their own. Once they do they can help many others save theirs.

My Local News Interview Video


Is Happiness not Pleasure?

What is this pursuit of happiness the Declaration of Independence refers to?

Video Game Addiction

Video games can be so addicting that they may lead to death.

Alcoholism, how it affects the Brain, why Doctors struggle and the 2 Treatments that seem to Work

Meds and Friends seem to be the only hope for recovering from Alcoholism. What does alcohol do in the brain.

How addiction works in the brain

A look at the Neurochemistry of addiction

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