I am Doctor Z.

What’s the meaning

What’s this feeling

What is it I am to know


Why this thought creeping

What am I seeing

What seed I am to sow


The question that looms

Over what to do

Maybe an answer soon


Only time will tell

how the dominoes fell

only time will guide my way


Depends on how bold

My story unfold

I am here to tell


When I finally find out

Where to find riches

I’ll pay you my dues no doubt


first have to Let go

willing to Lose All

death of the Self you see

willing to Forgo

base Desires

to Gain life everlasting


Share my wealth

for the sake of your health

Is my goal no doubt


So share with me

Your secrets to see

To help save you And me.

A Curse

The word “roof”

I used to pronounce “rooooophh.” The way english speaking people pronounce it. Or so I thought. Until I moved to the U.S. Here I was told it is pronounced “ruff” the way a dog might say it.

“Mirror” I used to call it a “mirror.” You know. M.I.R.R.O.R. Only to one day be corrected in calling it the right way. A “mierrorrr.” Sort of the way a cat might say it. Meaowrrorrr. I was so confused.

But, I adapted.

When I joined the army. I learned the way to pronounce, “drinkin” “swimmin” “divin” “runnin” no need to add the “g.” Forget that useless son of a “b.”

The army taught me the beauty. The art of “cussin” you see. Missing the “g” is no big deal. Missing the “g” is like a missing an 11th toe. Never needed it. Will not implement it. That’s the way of the army.

Cursing was new too. Have you ever tried to curse every other word of every other sentence of every other thought of every other interaction. Wait a minute I thought.

I don’t curse as much in my thoughts. Why curse when I speak?

The army ended. The cursing ended. The smoking ended. A new me started

That’s the way life goes. From a “cuss”, to a fuss, to a life lived long and loved

Keep on keepin on, times of longing gone, forget forlorn, times of promise to come.

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