A Hero’s Journey

What life is like on the other side

the side of freedom and joy

what life is like on this side

is the same but gained by choice


A fellah found joy, so let’s follow

listen closely and learn from thé,

free your mind and let me wallow

and show you a Hero’s journey


A baby was born

A king was scorned

Not the son he’d hoped for came

A heart so torn

A mother was warned

The fate of the child was lame


Born with one short leg

unable to grab his threads

lame he was labeled

and then


He grew in body but not in mind

a blind soul he failed to find

his virtue ruled by vice

and so losing control of his mind


Shunned from the loving light

the warmth turned into a fight

cold and waddling at night

through dust he lost his might


A strange woman appeared

in need of a hand

He helped she shed a tear

Kneeled down to write in the sand


Let your mind start to wallow

forget the past and tomorrow

live for your life the only one


work for yourself

find a friend to help

find your own light in the sun


forgive yourself

preserve your health

help those in need of someone


so he started to lay low, quietly retreat

weeding and planting good seed

made friends with the ancients

as he began to read


faced at the foot of an enormous mountain

started to climb to find something

seeking to find the life giving fountain

his virtues growing and counting


the poor legged boy

became the greatest joy

of the people he was able to aid


the poor legged dog

became the king’s rock

a hero’s journey was made











I am Doctor Z.

What’s the meaning

What’s this feeling

What is it I am to know


Why this thought creeping

What am I seeing

What seed I am to sow


The question that looms

Over what to do

Maybe an answer soon


Only time will tell

how the dominoes fell

only time will guide my way


Depends on how bold

My story unfold

I am here to tell


When I finally find out

Where to find riches

I’ll pay you my dues no doubt


first have to Let go

willing to Lose All

death of the Self you see

willing to Forgo

base Desires

to Gain life everlasting


Share my wealth

for the sake of your health

Is my goal no doubt


So share with me

Your secrets to see

To help save you And me.

A Curse

The word “roof”

I used to pronounce “rooooophh.” The way english speaking people pronounce it. Or so I thought. Until I moved to the U.S. Here I was told it is pronounced “ruff” the way a dog might say it.

“Mirror” I used to call it a “mirror.” You know. M.I.R.R.O.R. Only to one day be corrected in calling it the right way. A “mierrorrr.” Sort of the way a cat might say it. Meaowrrorrr. I was so confused.

But, I adapted.

When I joined the army. I learned the way to pronounce, “drinkin” “swimmin” “divin” “runnin” no need to add the “g.” Forget that useless son of a “b.”

The army taught me the beauty. The art of “cussin” you see. Missing the “g” is no big deal. Missing the “g” is like a missing an 11th toe. Never needed it. Will not implement it. That’s the way of the army.

Cursing was new too. Have you ever tried to curse every other word of every other sentence of every other thought of every other interaction. Wait a minute I thought.

I don’t curse as much in my thoughts. Why curse when I speak?

The army ended. The cursing ended. The smoking ended. A new me started

That’s the way life goes. From a “cuss”, to a fuss, to a life lived long and loved

Keep on keepin on, times of longing gone, forget forlorn, times of promise to come.

Seasons will change

Remember where you came from

Remember what you’ve become

It’s okay not to belong

Keep building your own kingdom


Every day when you wake

Breathe deep and seize the day

Count back from five

Do not delay

Forget the pain and ache

that’s life I say


Think and stare through the floor

Gather your courage,

And make the day yours


This one life given to you

Don’t waste it, don’t snooze

Let your success soothe

pain endured and soon


Seasons will change

And time moves on

Seek and strive on

You’ve got many to prove wrong


To my gals

There once was a gal
a lovely young belle

the greatest story to tell


One day of old

she walked out so bold

off to adventure unfold


She grew ever strong

Chose right from wrong

A restless running song


Hunt bears in the woods

and tigers in the trees

sang gently to a breeze


She took on the world

with a force never seen

a life a love she would bring


Brought kings to their knees

helped nations be free

an inspiration for the weak


Forged her future

Her actions at hand

Carefully planned


Duck, ride and dive

Swerve, survive and free

And in time, you will see


When the heart of life

Comes alive

A true beauty

For us to see

When boredom strikes

The best things in life are free

Depends where you’re searching

Take what you already have

And find new meaning

Find the beauty in something old

Try something new and be bold

For time keeps marching on

And we’re just getting old

Learn from the old

Don’t fit the mold

One day we’ll be no more

Or so i’m told…


What is down must come up

IMG_2605Left down and torn apart

Life tore right through your heart

In desperate times of need
Life weighs you down

Feel as if you’ll drown

No longer able to see
Your atlas has shrugged

You long for a hug

Desperate times of need
You feel as though

Feelings just show

For everyone to see
Your will, a bounced check

Stranded in a wreck

A hand is all you need
You dwell in the past

no longer pass by fast

Look back and misery you see
It’s gripping at your throat

The tightening of the rope

Longing for help and need
But let me tell you brother

Let me show you sister

Hang in there and just wait
Times will change

The tides will bring

And winter turns to spring
Every moment a treasure

Recorded in heaven

Every lovely little fling
So heaven can wait

Don’t fall for the bait

Instead let your heart sing
Hang in there and you will see

The times, they are changin

The times, they are changing

My Friend

Keep it together my friend

Keep on fleeing and then

Always trying again

fight till the end

Keep it together my friend

You will see it depends

On the times you fend

Off temptation and mend

Keep it together my friend

And you will see in the end

It was worth it my friend

To keep on fighting again

The Lee Shore

Look out to the see

The darkness lurk in me
The longing to leave

To my one and only
A journey to seek

The world’s end I need

Starlight is all I see

Guiding to my only
Fear of the lands

Trap souls in sands

Soft hands soft chance

The tides a better dance
The starlight I seek

Song of the sea I need

Crashing waves do not yield

The tides, the wind guiding me

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