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Disclaimer: The information here in is only advice and should not by relied on for your medical care and we cannot take responsibility for your health. Please refer to your doctor for their official advice.

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Who am I?

A Medical Doctor who Specializes in Addiction. It is my Absolute Passion. You can say I have found my Purpose in Life…

…to help you find Your Life

I am in recovery myself and you can read my story here, or

if You or Your Family struggle with Addiction, see below to learn more

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What is Addiction?

It is a chronic brain disease, that’s right, it is NOT a moral failure but a disease similar to diabetes or hypertension. It likely started when your brain was under significant psychological stress and you discovered a drug or alcohol that gave you relief. The brain naturally tried to remember what helped that stress. You may also have some genetics that played a role, do you have family who suffer from addiction? For a more indepth explanation see here for How Addiction works in the Brain.

I was trapped once, there is hope…
You may feel Trapped but your Freedom is waiting for you…

Addiction is a Disease of the Mind, yet the Mind is the only thing that can Help itself.

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Is there Treatment for Addiction?

Did you know?

Addiction is a Power Greater than Oneself, the same is True for Getting Sober.

See Here for my 5 Steps to Beating your Addiction.

Rehab is traditionally the treatment. The success rate is unfortunately very low. This is because Addiction is a Chronic Disease and needs Long Term Management.

That’s why we have other options available.

Outpatient Clinic Treatment. For example, we have Doctors, Nurses, Counselors and lots of Love for our patients. The main things we do are

  • Medication Assisted Treatment
  • Counseling, lot’s and lot’s of counseling, we look at what led to your addiction, what are the reasons you continue to relapse and offer advice to help to stay sober…

Intensive Outpatient Therapy, which is in between Rehab and Outpatient treatment. Here you may get 3-4 days of intensive counseling sessions for several hours per day. You get to go home and work and live a normal life.

Why did I go into Addiction Treatment?

In Family Medicine I would beg patients to lose weight, exercise and eat less sugar and salt (the main cause for most chronic diseases). I rarely saw improvement. I felt defeated.

I began to see Obesity, Hypertension, Diabetes and Depression as a result of poor choices. At the root of these choices was my patient’s attempt to mask pain, to distract from discomfort, to resort to instant relief and pleasure over hard work.

I am in recovery myself and I wanted to learn more about my own brain and today I get to help patients with the problem I suffered from.

I no longer practice as a Doctor but as a Healer.

In Addiction and Recovery I saw remarkable improvement in people’s lives. They go from Broke to Beautiful in a matter of months. The ones in recovery who help others are Heroes in My Eyes.

It is a beautiful thing to find your life

Why Recover?

To become an Addict Takes Work, you have to Drink Every Day, To Stay Sober you have to Work at it Every Day as Well

Recovery is like Climbing a Mountain. Once your reach the top, you can see your whole life ahead of you. Views of Joy and Possibility.

In Addiction your Life regress toward a slow demise. Recovery is the first step toward life again. I challenge you to continue growing. See how much money you can save, how healthy can you get, how much can you help others?

Growth is the Purpose to Life, find yours here.

Can you give up smoking, sugar, social media, TV? How many vices may vanish?

See how many Books you Can read, I would love to teach you everything I know, but there is an unlimited resource of knowledge contained in the words of our heroes past and present.

Animals evolve by Chance, Humans do so by Choice. The Choice to get Sober and find your Life is in your Hands. The Question is, are you Willing to Take the Leap?

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