Substance Abuse?

…and get Your Life Back

Marthinus Zeeman, MD

Dr Zeeman was raised in South Africa and after he finished high school he joined the United States Army. He served for three years as an infantry soldier including one year in Afghanistan.

He was inspired to pursue medicine after treating local Afghanis after a horrific bomb blast.

Check Out: 5 Steps to get Sober

As a family doctor he was confronted with the most common diseases including Obesity, Type II Diabetes, Hypertension, Depression and Substance Abuse and he realized these all have one thing in common.

Addictive Behaviors

Substance Use Disorders are very pervasive and do not discriminate. Everyone knows someone struggling with these.

Dr Zeeman decided to specialize in treating those with Substance Use Disorders. He quickly discovered that his patients realize the most wonderful lives once they get sober.

Please come meet us here in Oakland, TN and we will help you achieve the freedom you were meant for.

Dr Zeeman

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