A Power Greater than Oneself, books that helped me

Most people who recognize they have an addiction and fail over and over to overcome it have come to the realization that their addiction is a power greater than themselves. Wouldn’t it make sense to recognize that their healing would also have to be a power greater than themselves. The question is what is this power?

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Do You Have an Addiction?

Are you concerned about your drug or alcohol use? Do you wonder whether or not you have a problem? Maybe your spouse, child or a relative is a concern. How much is too much?

This is how doctors define addiction:

In Medicine we differentiate between healthy substance use, substance abuse and a substance use disorder. Let’s discuss Alcohol for example.

One standard drink is the following:What_Is_a_Standard_Drink_grayscale_508_Release_WebMen should drink no more than 4 standard drinks in a day and less than 14 in a week.

Women should drink no more than 3 standard drinks per day and less than 7 in a week.

This is per the National Institute of Alcohol Abuse recommendation.

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5 Steps to Beat Your Addiction

Addiction is a diseases in which the afflicted organ may choose to heal itself.

This guide is for the mind which recognize that continued use is self destructive.

Step 1. Free your mind.

Toss your stash. As soon as you take that sip, drag or snort and guilt sets in for going down that path again, throw the rest of your stash away. As soon as the first negative event occurs, sacrifice your supply. Don’t worry, you’ll be under the influence and won’t feel a thing.

Step 2. Heal your mind.

Step 3. Guard your mind.

Step 4. Use your mind.

Step 5. Lend your mind.

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Addicts, Heroes Among Us

“My brother was turning blue, he was not moving, not even breathing. I put that bag on his mouth and started squeezing air into his lungs. I could see his chest move. He finally started waking up. I didn’t have to call 911 that time,” my patient recalled.

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My Local News Interview Video


Is Happiness not Pleasure?

We often confuse “feeling good” with “being happy”. One of these is a feeling, the other a state of being. By trying to feel good all the time we can fall into addiction…

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Video Game Addiction

Here is a story of how a video game led to death…

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Are you an addict?

Addiction is now defined as “Substance Use Disorder”. This new term implied that the substance in question is used to the extent that it causes problems.

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Do Addicts Need God? AA explained

Many people avoid Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) because of the religiosity.

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Cannabis. Breaking the Routine

What is the link between Cannabis and a lack of goal achievement?

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